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This mask is a symbol to be shared on the wall of your office or your home. A symbol of the resilience our matriarch's model every day.  

We would like to take a moment to share about one of the kindest, happiest people we knew. She would light up any room with her smile and laughter.

Her name is Chantel Moore. 💛

We met Chantel 4.5 years ago when we started our first venture, West Coast Beauties, where we (as well as Sharlene Patterson- Enchanted Forest Photography) photographed Indigenous woman in a positive light showcasing strength, while bringing awareness to the many missing and murdered Indigenous woman. 

Chantel was a natural beauty inside and out and was excited to be apart of our vision. She wanted to help bring Indigenous issues to light and wanted better for people. 

When a local young Hesquiaht female, Jocelyn George, died in the custody of RCMP in 2016, it brought sadness and anger to the community. We felt there was something that should be done, a way to stand up and recognize what was happening to these individuals, and a way to help their families who were left behind. Chantel was part of this team that wanted to make a difference. We spoke of creating a fund called "Fallen Feathers". A fund that would be available to the children of those who's mothers were missing, badly hurt or murdered. A fund that could be used to help aid in medical costs, funeral costs, or to be used for whatever their children needed, clothing, food, school fund etc. 

Fast forward to today. I am completely heart broken to say that is has taken this long to launch the Fallen Feathers Fund and that Chantel was the tip of the spear to get it going. But her death will not be in vain. She will NOT be forgotten. Her memory and kind hearted nature will live on through this fund touching families hearts who may suffer the same heart break as hers. No more fallen sisters. 

Chantel was a beautiful person inside and out. A loving mother. A loving daughter. A sweet soul that was full of life. A friend to MANY. We are lucky to say that she was a friend and that she was part of a movement that will last for generations to come. 

Stay Golden 💛

*Fallen Feathers Fund in loving memory of Chantel Moore and Jocelyn George*

#StayGolden #MMIW

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