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Master Artist, Painter, Carver, Story Teller

The Owls Path Marketplace is blessed to know one of Kwakwaka'wakw's hereditary Chiefs and master artists, 
Cecil Dawson. 
He is our first in-house artist showcasing the art form of the Kwakwaka'wakw people. You will have to opportunity to see Cecil live through several of our social media platforms.
"Culture is incredibly important to Cecil. He started carving by building up various families’ regalia, by replicating what was stolen or lost during the potlatch ban. Since then Cecil’s personal goal has been to revitalize and preserve the First Nations culture. Cecil has a strong sense of propriety and will not copy from a book. His pieces are unique and to his own style, demonstrating a deeply rooted understanding of his culture."


Owner of Nominou/Clothing Designer

Every collection I create embodies a love of life, learning and growing through kindness and awareness. All nourishing to our minds, bodies and souls, while keeping us grounded in the importance of living life with purpose and grace. That is the spirit of NoMiNoU.


Moccasin Maker, Leather Work, Regalia & More

Billy Bourassa is from Pheasant Rump First Nation in Saskatchewan.  As a strong matriarch in our family Billy has honed her skill in many ways over the last few years.  She has a degree in Tourism & Hospitality from UVIC.


Carver, Painter, Beader

Lyne Cootes graduated from Jolliette CEGEP, Fine Arts Program in 1997. She started painting and using dry pastels and evolved into the woman that creates one of a kind, hand-carved creations.  While spending her time with master carver, Henry Nolla, from 1999-2004 in Tofino, BC, his teachings helped with grafting her artist eye, with the Nuu-Cha-Nulth culture. That culture and connection to mother earth are the heart and pulse of what she makes, with her tools.


Hand Crafted Pieces

Each of our #unique handcrafted products is made with such care & medicine that you are able to feel the energy in your palms. We believe that the spirit we share heals and nourishes the soul. Please visit us at The Owls Path Marketplace


Hand Crafted Otters

Nigel Atkin has worked for governments in British Columbia and Ontario. As a founding member of UVIC's Public Relations Program, Nigel has more than 15 years of teaching experience. Currently, Nigel's focus is that of a communication instructor and consultant with clients from national and international organizations, community foundations and First Nations. - Continuing Studies @UVIC



The Owls Path Marketplace is for authentic art lovers, collectors and artists alike. Our mission is to connect beautiful works of art with enthusiastic new owners, and to provide a platform for emerging artists of all styles and genres. 

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children."  - Sitting Bull

If you're an artist, crafter or designer, and would like to have your products sold at TOP Market, message us for more info!
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