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This is us

The Owls Path Market is an Indigenous family owned and operated marketplace, which offers unique designed apparel, quality hand-crafted pieces, and authentic Indigenous artwork.

Joel Marriott is Cree from White Bear First Nation, in Saskatchewan, and his partner, Mary Mason, is Canadian born with Indigenous roots from the Marshall Island, in the Central Pacific. They live on the beautiful West Coast of Turtle Island, aka Canada. 

Mary and Joel create graphic designs, silk screened apparel, wire wrapped jewelry, and other wearable & decorative art. "Connecting with nature & having a creative outlet has always been very nurturing, especially when going through difficult times, coping with head injuries & mental health, as well as overcoming addictions."  Through stories of resilience, this couple hopes to enlighten a path forward for others who share similar hardships in life.  

"Our vision is to amplify & uplift Indigenous people through out Canada and worldwide. We're proud to showcase the beautiful diversities and similarities of Indigenous culture, crafts, and creations, while shedding light on important issues that affect Indigenous peoples."